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Call for Papers

Welcome to the 2024 International Conference on Mechanical Engineering and Computer Applications (MECA 2024)! Papers dealing with fundamental research and application of mechanical engineering, mechatronics, information technology, automatic control, computer science will be considered for publication in the conference proceedings and presentation at the conference, including but not limited to:


(I) Mechanical Engineering and Automatic Control
(01) Theory of Mechanisms and Mechanical Dynamics
(02) Design and Control in Modern mechantronics System Engineering

(03) Structural Engineering Analysis, CAD Optimized

(04) Design and Intelligent Control

(05) Micro-electromechanical Systems
(06) Transmission and Simulation Technology
(07) Robotics and its Motor System
(08) Sensor and Actuator Technology
(09) Intelligent Systems Group Communication and Coordination
(10) Bionic Technology
(11) Voice Processing
(12) Image and Video Processing
(13) Signal Processing Systems Design and Implementation
(14) Computer Information Processing Technology
(15) Artificial Intelligence Techniques
(16) Neural Network Technology
(17) Measurement Technology and Instruments
(18) Multi-sensor Information Fusion Technology
(19) Control System Modeling and Simulation technology
(20) Intelligent Optimization Agorithms and Applications
(21) Fluid Power Transmission and Control
(22) Production Process Simulation
(23) Network Control
(24) Electric Automation
(25) Vehicle Control
(26) Systems Intelligent Traffic Control
(II) Electronics and Information Technology
(27) Circuit Theory and its Application
(28) DSP and Channel Coding Technology
(29) Embedded System
(30) Intelligent Instrument and Detection Technology
(31) Electromagnetic and Microwave Technology
(32) Microelectronic Devices and Technologies
(33) Information Optics and Electro-optical Communication
(34) System Integration Technology
(35) Optical Fiber Communication
(37) Digital Video/Image Communication
(37) Computer Communication and Network Security
(38) Wireless Communication Technology
(39) Statistical signal processing
(40) Bioinformatics
(41) Intelligent Information Processing
(42) Pattern Recognition and Intelligent System
(43) The Guidance Navigation and Control (GNC)
(44) Precision Instrument and Machinery
(45) Power Semiconductor Devices and Power Integrated Circuit
(46) Semiconductor Devices Reliability
(47) Multimedia Technology
(48) Internet of Things
(III) Computer Science and Technology
(49) Parallel Distributed Computing
(50) Computer Networks and Communication
(51) Information Storage
(52) Trusted Computing and Fault-Tolerant Computing
(53) Distributed Computer System
(54) Embedded Software
(55) Operating System
(56) Database System
(57) Software Engineering
(58) Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
(59) Cognitive Sciences and Image Thinking Simulation
(60) CAD/Computer Graphics(CG)
(61) Integrated Manufacturing System
(62) Intelligent System Design and intellisense
(63) Intelligent Decision Support
(64) Computer Vision and Intelligent Robot
(65) Information Security
(IV) Application of Information Technology in the Enterprise
(66) Production Design Automation
(67) Office Automation System
(68) Enterprise Resourse Planning and Management System
(69) Decision Support System
(70) Artificial Intelligence system
(71) Real-time Sales of POS Systems
(72) Electronic Data Interchange System
(73) Customer Relationship Management System
(73) Customer Relationship Management System
(74) E-commerce and E-government
(V)Other Related Topics
(75) Other related topics

Important Dates

Submission Deadline:

Round 1: June 24, 2024
Round 2: July 24, 2024

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Conference Date:
July 24-25, 2024

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